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BASIC. 1.) Name: Rachael M. 2.) Age: 15 3.) Sex: Chick 4.)… - And I hear him every night... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 15th, 2005|01:14 pm]



1.) Name: Rachael M.
2.) Age: 15
3.) Sex: Chick
4.) Location: Schenectady, New York
5.) 5+ bands:  Mathbook Romance, My Cheimcal Romance, Fall Out Boy, The Used, Edison
6.) 5+ TV shows:  Are You Afraid of the dark(not on any more), Dedicate Live, Next(I do'nt know why but I find that show funny to watch), d'fused, mad tv
7.) Genre(s) of music: Metal, Emo, pretty much anything(few exceptions)
8.) Fashion labeled as Goth/punk, I hate labels though oh wait can't forget this one though..freak..mmhmm

1.) Gay/lesbian marriage: I think people should show their love no matter who it is, I mean most of the friends I hang out with are gay/bi and I love it!!! I think it's ridiculous that people would try and to stop people from the two people from spending the res tof their lives together I mean....Their most likely going to be together ant ways what's the difference if they have a license and ring, it just means more to them. so just let them get it done!
2.) George W. Bush:  I hate Bush, seriosuly I think he is a douchebag, I hate war, I just hate it all, he's putting us at war with some of the wrong countries,   ICK!
3.) Racism:  I'm against racism, I think it's one of the next stupidest things, why treat other pl on what color their skin is?  Some of my mom's boyfriends friends are racist, and show it while around me and I get pissed and just tell them that it's wrong I mean there's not that much more I can do..but I try
4.) Homophobia:  Ick!, Like I said most of my friend are either gay/bi, and personall I think their more fun they do'nt give two shits what other people say, well some do but they live to learn that it's what they are and people have to deal with it!
5.) Sexism:  oh boy, Can't standf this one either, like when I guy(my moms boyfriend) thinks he's a male supirior being I want to seriously just punch him in his face, he doesn't do anything and expects the "women" to do it, so I ignore him sito nmy ass and listen to music, and when it comes to jobs and the guys are sitting around doing nothing and the girls are doing everything, and the ways guys try to seduce women is disgusting.
6.) Abortion: Well my friend Shannon got and abortion, OI got mad at her because it was her own fault I mean she didn't use any prtection or anything and he knew the consiquinces, but I think the only reason to get and abortion is if like a YOUNG teenager is raped and ended up getting pregnant, but I get confused in this situation.
7.) Drugs: The only drugs I sos is smoke Tabacco and Weed, I got  caught smopking cigarettes last week, I'm gnot going to quit, I think if ytou want to do drugs go ahead just be really carefull and responsible, do'nt be stupid and get in trouble, and make stupid decisions
8.) Euthanizing (animals & humans):<--to be honest not really sure what the means and I tried to look it up I couldn't find it sorry!


From: xochloerenexo
2005-05-15 06:54 pm (UTC)
OKay...your music is alright...I like My Chemical Romance amd The Used. Good opinions...you're in!
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(Deleted comment)
From: xochloerenexo
2005-05-15 10:51 pm (UTC)
I agree. I don't like her music much either. It's a yes though.
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From: vitriolic_
2005-05-16 06:17 pm (UTC)
"but I think the only reason to get and abortion is if like a YOUNG teenager is raped and ended up getting pregnant"

what about the other girls that get raped?

maybe i'm just in a bad mood...i sort of thought a no.
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